Fly Fishing isn’t Funny

For some reason my wife finds fly fishing/tying terminology hysterical. She says it’s because she can’t believe full grown men can say some of these things with no hint irony. After reminding her that women also say these things (and she considers herself a feminist, ha!), I like to tell her that I obviously married a thirteen year-old boy.

Here are some of the phrases she thinks are so funny (also, as a bonus, a term used in muzzle loading, another pastime of mine):

  1. Grizzle Cock Hackle- “You’re going to hack off your grizzled WHAT?!?! Hahahahaha!”
  2. Jungle Cock- Seriously? It’s a male jungle fowl. Come on… On the other hand there is the Urban Dictionary definition.
  3. Slot- As in “Try to get your fly in that tight little slot.” Now that I think about it, that really does sound kind of dirty.
  4. Box- As in “fly box“, “hook box“, “box canyon”, “Pandora’s box“. I know Pandora’s box isn’t a fly fishing term but my wife just finds the word box inherently funny.
  5. Deep Meaty Run- This is something my wife once read in a magazine I left in the bathroom. Since that day, every time I leave for a fishing trip she comments on how just want to leave the house so I can “put my jungle cock in a deep meaty run”.
  6. The Long Rod- Yes, the fly fishing community as a whole sometimes uses the term “long rod” instead of “fly rod”. On average a fly rod is longer than a conventional spinning or baitcasting rod, though, there are many variations in the length of particular fisherman’s rod.
  7. Smoke Pole- Another name for a muzzle loader. Yep, the gun is straight like a pole, you shoot it, smoke comes out. Then again, you can use this term as a verb.

The irony in all this; my wife hates Beavis and Butthead.

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