Fly of the Day – White Beady Bugger

White Beady Bugger

Hook: 3x nymph hook size 8

Tail: White arctic fox fur and pearl flash material

Body: Clear pearl glass beads

Hackle: Wide white strung saddle hackle

My second Fly of the Day, the white beady bugger, is pretty straight-forward. The materials used do give the fly a good bit more translucency and movement in the water than your basic bugger which the fish seem to like. Tie some up, try them out.

3 thoughts on “Fly of the Day – White Beady Bugger

  1. Great tie! The author’s of “Carp on the Fly” rate the white WB as a favorite for grass carp. Your added sparkle may help, and I like the arctic fox tail, especially for durability. An obvious fry imitation I think as well.


    • Thanks! I was thinking about going to a small pond this afternoon to harass some carp, but honestly didn’t consider using this fly. I’ll try it out. If I do any good you’ll hear about it.

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