Fly of the Day – Quill Body Para BWO

Quill body para bwo

Hook: Dry fly size 20

Tail: Dun hackle fibers

Post: Foam packing material

Body: Olive quill

Hackle: Dun saddle

This fly is a few years old and is the last one of this pattern I had in my bwo box. I wanted to post it just to prove that at least at one point in my life I could tie small flies. The last fly under a size 14 I tried to make looked as if I tied it wearing mittens. Hopefully there’ll be more trout fishing in my future to give me an excuse to tie small again.

4 thoughts on “Fly of the Day – Quill Body Para BWO

  1. That’s a nice BWO tie! here when I fished more for trout, my go to was a similar sized sparkle dun if fish were obviously dry, but a small soft hackle ied with a tiny dark duck wing covert feather worked as well as anything. I too use quills. in my case over biots, in my segmented small flies. Very nice tie again.


  2. super-nice bug Acey !
    interesting comment there on your reply to Gregg. generally speaking, my experience is trout don’t ‘need’ smaller flies than the real thing but they’ll be more willing to take them.😎

    • Thanks!
      What you say is true but the majority of my trout fishing is done on fast, infertile freestone streams where the fish aren’t particularly picky about flies. They just want a good drift.

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