Fly of the Day – Brush Back Baitfish

Brush Back Baitfish

Hook: Varivas 2600 V size 2/0

Belly: Arctic fox fur and EP fibers

Top: Finnish raccoon

Eyes: 8mm Silver Perfect Pupil 

Head: Thin coat of Clear Cure Goo

This was the fly I was trying to tie when I tied the Fox Fur Minnow.

It’s a great imitation of tall, narrow baitfish.

The materials used in this fly give it tons of movement which is rare with flies with this particular profile and it tracks straight which is even rarer.

6 thoughts on “Fly of the Day – Brush Back Baitfish

  1. cool purple. Marc seems to think that it’s better (or at least interesting) to have a dark downside and a clear upper. A least it makes the fly visible from everywhere, and since those colors are nowhere to be seen underwater except on our flies anyway…
    ever tried that ?

    • Interesting. I’ve always assumed that the black back/ purple belly combo was used because it looked like a silhouette of a baitfish in low light or as viewed against the sun. I need to ask Marc about his thoughts on this.

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