Fly of the Day – Gurgler


Hook: Mustad 36007 size 1/0

Tail: White craft fur marked with brown sharpie

Body: UV Polar Chenille and grizzly variant saddle hackle

Back: White foam

This particular variation of the gurgler is my go to topwater redfish and speckled seatrout fly. Other colors that work really well are all white and chart.. The all white version actually caught my buddy Andy this speckled trout:

Gator trout

Andy’s guide claimed that it was the largest trout put in his in years. So yeah, it’s a pretty effective fly.

7 thoughts on “Fly of the Day – Gurgler

  1. Looks shrimpy to me, nice! Guys here are using them on sinking lines for their wobble underwater for large trout, of course many variations.


    • I want to tie some up with rattles and try them out.
      I bet fishing them on a sinking line for largemouth would work too. Be kind of like a crankbait. Hmmmmmm… Thanks for the idea!🙂

      • hey Acey !
        i totally agree with Gregg, fished ‘booby-style’, variants of Jack’s Gurgler have been my no. 1 producer on lake fish in the last 4-5 years that i’ve been using them this way.
        i’ll have a few pics of the micro ones i use most on The Cobra soon.

    • Yeah, everything’s good, thanks.
      The kids are on spring break, my wife’s a teacher, so she’s home and on the computer and the little bit of free time I’ve had has been spent fishing. I’ll be back at it next week.

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