Why Not Me?

In my ongoing search to find television that will act as white noise for the baby I discovered TED Talks, a series of lectures about, well, a little bit of everything.

One of these was about dragonflies in The Maldives; how they got there, what they’re doing somewhere with no above ground fresh water, ect.. The dragonflies didn’t interest me as much as the pictures of the flats that surround the islands of The Maldives.

I’ve been aware of the existence of these islands for a while and vaguely aware that it’s a fly fishing destination but didn’t really know much more than this. So I decided to use the magic information box that I spend so much of my time with lately and looked up some info on fishing around this particular chain of atolls.

In my search I came across this:

Fly Odyssey recently visited the island to assess the potential of fly fishing in this region.

This simple statement struck me in an unexpected way. This sentence allowed me to believe, for the first time in my life, that there are occupations out there in the world that don’t suck.

Read the above quote again.

The part I like is: assess the potential of fly fishing in this region. Someone, or group of someones, not only got to fish what is essentially unexplored waters but got paid to do it.

Okay, I know that it probably doesn’t work exactly like that. But it is someones job to assess the potential of fly fishing in a region! 

Phone call – “Bill? Yeah this is Jim. How would you like to go check out this little known place and see if the fishing is good enough for us to set up shop. You can handle that? Okay, good. Talk to you soon.”

Once again, I’m aware that these kind of things are more complicated than that and I’m sure there’s drudgery and bad days and blah, blah, blah… But ASSESSING THE POTENTIAL OF FLY FISHING!!!!!

It’s like being the Christopher Columbus, the Vasquez, the Indiana Mutha Fuckin’ Jones, of the long rod!

I should have started fly fishing younger. I should have taken some business classes and learned to talk to investors. I… I… I should have…


I would like to go back in time and explain to my past self that traveling to fish is something somebody could do for a living.

But now that I have reached what would be my middle age if it were the year 1750, I wonder, will it be easier to find my way into this career now or build the goddamned time machine?

21 thoughts on “Why Not Me?

          • no man, not all ! it’s really good ! it’s about programming dreams and the subconscious and dreams within dreams within dreams !
            if we program it just right we’ll be able to fish on your little island and anywhere else, catch kick-ass fish all day and have voluptuous girls dressed as pandas bring us milkshakes and fries and all this for free and without even getting out of bed !
            go ahead, tell me that’s not awesome…😆

  1. Afghanistan has premeir untouched rivers full of trout that only see hand grenades and nets. Join an NGO and away you go. But I’d think twice, or a trillion times first.


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