Every Day In May

This is a really cool concept and I’m sure I won’t be able take all of these subjects on (time constraints and screaming children and all), but I bet it’ll be fun trying.
Check it out if you haven’t yet!

How Small A Trout

Every Day in MayEvery Day in May is a blogging throw-down to all fishing and outdoor bloggers, issued by How Small A Trout, A Fresh Start, and Memoirs of a Flygirl.

CHALLENGE: POST TO YOUR BLOG EVERY DAY IN MAY. Mayfly hatches, spring runoff, spawning fish, tulips, debauched May Day pagan rituals—blog it all. Blog to learn, blog to remember, blog to forget. Document May in images, words, quotes, links, whatever, wherever. We’re providing prompts for each day, but feel free to interpret, misinterpret, reject, or improvise on these themes. To accept the challenge and pass it on, reblog this kick-off post and graphic, then tag your May posts with “every day in May”. We’ll post a list of everyone who guts it out until June.

The prompts:

1. May Day
2. home waters
3. current
4. tying
5. fishing
6. praying
7. working
8. hatching
9. grinning and…

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5 thoughts on “Every Day In May

  1. It would be interesting to see what your mind wraps around per topic. “Please Lord, don’t let him come off…I just want to see him.” is how I might begin one listed topic.


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