The Big Rod

It sits unused dreaming of tarpon, jacks, stripers, mahi and other denizens of the briny deep…

4 thoughts on “The Big Rod

  1. Acey, since you didn’t tell us exactly what it is you’re talking about i did a little search in the hope of helping not only myself but your other readers.
    could this be it ?

    there where other results such as “The Big Rod vs Big Mouth Marcie” and “How Big is His Rod ?” but they don’t sound like they’re about fly fishing.

  2. The big rod, a dream to use for me. I use a 6 wt. with a 7 line for my carpin, but would like to go to an 8 at times. Shoulder injuries would make all day casting tough. I read of the big bad boys though, thinking especially freshwater dorado and perhaps mahseer. Hope you get to toss some flies at monsters.


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