To My Dearest Wife – Happy Eighth Anniversary

A little something for the wife.


My dearest Wife,

I have searched far and wide, and across multiple supermarket card isles for anything that could fully expressed my love for you, on this, our eighth anniversary. Alas, Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter and the super Walmart has let us both down, so instead I am writing  this letter to share with you,  and many strangers on the internet, how deep my love for you flows.

And oh how it flows. Like a mighty river coming down a mountain my love flows for you, rushing over boulders and cascading down cliffs into deep plunge pools where large trout likely live waiting for a well presented streamer,and those plunge pools in turn flows into some nice pocket water that may be kind of hard to navigate but if you’re careful you should be able to fish it down to where the gradient evens out a bit creating a good calf-deep…

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2 thoughts on “To My Dearest Wife – Happy Eighth Anniversary

  1. That was heartfelt, nice, not a Hallmark card, true sentiments. Sounds like you have a wonderful life’s companion. Good for you both!


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