About the Agitated Angler

Everybody knows at least one person who likes to fish.  Why do these people like fishing?  For some it’s being out on the water enjoying nature. Some people like to fish for food. Fly fishermen in particular find the art of casting a fly rod a reason in itself to fish. Some like to have an excuse to sit in a boat, drink beer and work on getting melanoma.

Then you’ve got the hardcores. These are the people that that can tell you what tide is doing two weeks from next Monday.  These are the people that have a collection of fly rods worth more than their homes.  These are the people that know that if the little purple flowers growing in the ditch next to the 7eleven on hwy 45 are blooming that the sulfurs are hatching on that little no name creek off of that road by the big red barn.  These people eat, sleep and breathe fishing.  These are the obsessed, the people who stay up nights, endure physical misery and even quit jobs all for the sake of catching that next fish.

And I? I really want to be one of those people.

I am married to a beautiful woman, have two wonderful children with another one about a third of the way along and full time job that, well, I have nothing good to say about the job.  What I don’t have is time to fish.

Would I trade the wife and kids for more time to fish?  Probably not… Am I somewhat disgruntled about the situation?  I’ll let the readers decide.

Welcome to The Agitated Angler.

Update:  I quit my full time job and am now a stay at home dad.  I still have no time to fish.

14 thoughts on “About the Agitated Angler

  1. Thanks for the visit & follow….I have never been able to comprehend the passion for fishing – my hubs was one of the former – who only did it for the beers and company😀 Maybe I will learn something new from you ….

  2. I’ve started checking out your blog here recently; I really enjoy fishing – never have the time – and have wanted to try my hand at fly fishing and needed to find somewhere to learn about it and gear associated with it. That being said…thanks. Lotsa good info here!

  3. Hello, and thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I’m not much on fishing, but I have several friends who are and I’ve passed your blog address on to them. I’ve already had a response from one that he has been snooping around here and, since he loves all things fishy I can’t imagine him not wanting to follow along. I’m more of a Dadjitated soul and am very happy following along over there but, if you don’t mind, I’ll stop back here every so often for an update. … Happy Fishing!

  4. Same addiction, different situation. Used to be self employed, My ” office ” is now a jumble of reel boxes, gear, fly tying stuff falling off shelves, fly rods going back to the 60’s in various states of repair, my vise is always infant of the chair. to pay bills, i have to move feathers and hooks.

    Have you checked out Southern Culture on the Fly ? http://www.southerncultureonthefly.com

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