Tuesdays FOTD a Day Late – Frog Deer Hair Bass Bug

Deer hair bass bug

Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to post this fly yesterday like I intended to. Being a stay at home dad (or if you want to be a dick about it “Mr. Mom”) my time is not always my own.

I did eek out enough time yesterday to tie this fly but never got around to taking a good pic. When my relief (read wife) got home from work I headed out the door and to the water as fast as I could. If you were wondering why this fly looks like it was fished hard and put away wet, well…

These were the ones I caught. I don’t want to talk about the ones I missed.

The fly itself is a basic deer hair bass bug tied on a size 1 stinger hook with a tail of split Finnish raccoon fur to give the impression of frog legs.