And I’m Back

For those of you that follow me you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately. This was not by choice, but due to an “endless summer” that you can read about over on my other blog (that I also spent most of this summer neglecting).

And to be completely honest there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about. I only went fishing twice all summer; once bait fishing (I know some of you are reading those two last words in your internal “EWW GROSS” voice) in saltwater, which I’ve already written about, and once near-shore trolling, which is a story I’m saving in case Marc over at The Limp Cobra ever has another contest for stupidest fisherman.

Well, yesterday I broke my dry streak and finally got out on the water for some fly fishing.

The weather was beautiful. The lake was devoid of any other fisherman. I caught a whole bunch of these:

There was a lot of these in the air:

And I even managed to move a few small bass, though it took me most of the day to figure out what they wanted.

So here’s to summer being over and my favorite time beginning; the school year.

Fly Fishing, Blogging, Social Media and How I Think I May Be Doing it All Wrong

First I want to say the title of this post isn’t completely true; I do not think that I’m doing anything wrong when it comes to fly fishing. Well, I guess that’s not exactly true either because there are definitely aspects of the sport that I can improve upon and there always will be due to the fact that fly fishing is one of those things that’s impossible to master no matter how long you’ve been at it and I’m getting off topic… Lets just say I’m happy with where I am when it comes to the sport.

Next I want to give a little back story. I was, up until about a year and a half ago, a technophobe. I didn’t blog. I didn’t have a facebook account. I didn’t tweet. The computer, as far as I was concerned, was just a fancy encyclopedia (and where all the porn lived). I did all of my writing in a leather-bound journal. All my books and magazines were printed on paper.  I did all my social networking in bars. Most of my fishing info was gleaned by word of mouth and trial and error. All the flies I sold were, well, I never sold any flies, and that’s what got me started on this newfangled computer thingy.

My wife told me about a site where I could try to sell some flies. I went and checked it out, liked what I saw and set up shop. From that point I dove head first into the world of the interweb (I also learned about memes). I got a facebook account, I started this blog, joined a few online forums, started tweeting, discovered my Klout score and most recently joined the Outdoor Blogger Network.

The OBN is where I discovered I may be going about this whole internetting thing the wrong way. While exploring OBN I came across a page dedicated to blogging tips. There I learned that I should take certain steps, like using various social medias and having achievable goals, to have a truly successful blog.

I also discovered I had no idea what the hell a successful blog was or that I wanted one. I mean I do get excited with every new reader I get, but I never thought to use my blog to achieve anything more than meeting new people to talk fly fishing with.

Did you know you can make money with a blog? I didn’t. After a little research I found out I may be the only person who didn’t know. Hell I didn’t even know a blog could “fail”.

Anyway, now that I know the steps to have a successful blog, am I going to do what it takes to raise The Agitated Angler to the next level? Will I go the extra mile? Will I start taking my blogging seriously? Will I set and achieve goals to maximize my… whatever?

Yeah, probably not. Seems like a lot of work and I’m scared it’ll cut into my fishing time.

So, to all my current readers and to any new readers, it’s probably not going to get much better than what’s already on here so don’t expect too much…

Thank you.