Time To Get Serious

Two of my three children are in school now. The remaining one still takes long naps in the middle of the day. This is going to give me two or more hours a day of actual, uninterrupted free time to do what I want. Last time I had that kind of free time I didn’t have kids.

What will I be doing in this free time I suddenly now have?

I’m going to get serious.

No more playing around.

Shit is about to get real… Yo!

How, you may be asking yourself?

Well… Um… Yeah, I’m… I’m not really sure. But it will be fly fishing related.

I’m just not sure how yet exactly.

Rest assured though, posting on here more often is one thing I definitely will be doing, so you’ll get to hear all about how I got serious, if you want to or not.

The Curse of The Agitated Angler

If all goes according to plan, Saturday morning I should be near Beaufort, SC shooting ducks on a private, seldom to never hunted pond at sunrise and chasing redfish and speckled trout with my fly rod the rest of the day.

The weather north of where I’ll be will be cold, windy and miserable which should push the ducks down. The temperature in Beaufort is supposed to be in the mid sixties, the sun is supposed to shine and the wind isn’t supposed to blow too hard.

On paper this should be a great day.

I don’t know how this will work out in reality.

See, when it comes to out-of-town fishing/hunting trips I’m notoriously unlucky. Usually I don’t even get to the destination. And on those rare occasions that I do, things always seem off enough that the locals are commenting on it.

This particular trip seems like it’s going to work out though.

Of course my wife was complaining about a sore throat this morning.

And the three year-old has been extra whiny today for some unknown reason.

And the baby has been crying all morning because he seems to be teething or something.

And it’s predicted to start sleeting/snowing here about the time I should be leaving tomorrow…

A Day Late and A Feather Short

So I’ve got this big fishing trip planed for the lower Keys coming up the first of April and I’ve found myself becoming pretty much obsessed with all things fishy from the Keys. I’ve been studying maps and charts, watching videos, reading books, surfing the internet and trying to tie flies.

The reason I’m only trying to tie flies is because I seem to be one material away from every pattern I want to tie; be it the proper color thread, fur or feather, or proper size eye or hook. And I won’t be able to re-up on materials of any kind until after Christmas due to kids being terribly expensive to shop for.

Man do I wish Santa was real.

The Terrible Too’s

The weather’s been too hot.

People have been too sick.

There’s been too little money.

Too little time to fish.

Too little time to tie flies.

Too little time to prepare for the upcoming hunting season(s).

There’s been too many dirty diapers.

Too much fighting and screaming. (From the children. My wife and I get along splendidly, thank you very much.)

Too many cuts, scrapes and bruises.

And way, way too little sleep.

Here’s hoping for a future with too many caught fish to count, too much money to spend, too much meat for the freezer and children too happy and optimistic for their own good. (Hey, a man can dream can’t he?)