Fly Fishing and the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

I’m a big fan of “The Walking Dead”.  The show and the comic. Especially the comic.  And like all fans of the zombie apocalypse, I know deep down in my heart, that I’ll be one of the survivors.  I know how to fish, hunt, shoot a gun, shoot a bow, throw a cast-net, clean a deer, tan a hide…  I’d be fine.  My poor wife and kids on the other hand, well I guess my near crippling depression over what ever happens to them can be worked into the story arc, but whatever.  Point is I’ll survive.

The plan was to make it to one of the less populated barrier islands on the coast here in SC. Probably Wadmalaw; lots of land, low population density. There, other survivors and I would blow the bridges, clear out the dead left on the island,  eat by fishing/shrimping/hunting, make daring raids into the city for supplies, and have a few “the living are more dangerous than the dead” moments. I will not stop fly fishing during any of this.

I’m pretty sure that the sporting good stores that we raid during our brave but dangerous forays into the city will probably be stripped of most of their more practical supplies but the fly fishing gear will be mine for the taking.  Sage, Orvis, G. Loomis; they will all be mine.

Not to mention with the sharp decrease in population, fishing pressure in general will be way down.  I’ll have all the best flats to myself.  After a few years the fishing should down right phenomenal.  Other than worrying about the dead eating my flesh and fighting off the occasional boat full of pirate shrimpers life should be pretty awesome.

Of course I don’t live on the coast anymore…